Monday, May 5, 2014

Anime Footwear Tutorial

How To Create Anime Footwear:

Okay guys! Here's something that EVERYONE can use. I'm talking about the infamous footwear of anime that all cosplayers alike seem to struggle with. I mean, you know when you have those types of cosplays that you just can't find the replica of? How about searching hours upon hours for a half way decent commissioner for the right price? Well your worries are finally over because I'm going to list here ALL footwear, or anime/video game shoe, tutorials that you can easily follow and create yourself.

If they're a particular anime series, then I'll list them as such, like for example, if I see a Final Fantasy shoe tutorial, then I'll list here and in the Final Fantasy section of the blog. For the time being, what I'm going to list here is for ANY type of anime/video game boot tutorial. I promise you, I used this for my Songstress Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2 and they turned out great!

I give credit to harmoniccosplay of deviantArt and harmonyisarine of (same person, but different username in social media)

I grantee you my friends, you won't be disappointed^_^

Painting Boots Tutorial:

Hey guys! I found something that would work for all cosplayers. Say for example, that you don't want to go through the hassel with a commissioner (much less have the money for one) and you also are very timid of creating your own pair of boots. What if I tell you that you can very easily paint a pair of boots without having to breake you pocket book cost wise?

This method that I found, has worked wonders for me and will very much do the same for you. If you follow the instructions correctly, then this will definately be a penny saver.

I give credit to fechan on She's the one that came up with this method:

The only friendly warning I can give you is that all results will vary due to what the indivdual cosplayer is trying to achieve. You may have to add more of one ingredient over another just because of what you, the indivdual cosplayer is trying to get from a pair of boots.

Allow me to give you my personal before and after pictures of a pair of boots that I got over at Goodwill and transformed them into a pair of Gun Mage Yuna from FFX-2 boots.


Mind you, the masking tape on the boot is my doing due to mapping out of what I need in terms of design.


So this is the overall end result by using this method. All I needed to do is just add the trim on the top and they were ready for my local anime convention.

Now, from my personal experience with the before and after pictures, maybe this will help you get an idea of how to handle your pair of boots for your character.

Anyway, I hope this helps^_^

Basic Cosplay Tutorial: Nude Shoes

This tutorial is for those cosplayers that are cosplaying characters that are barefooted that want to attend a convention. As we all know that the convention doesn't allow bare feet to rome. So with that said, this tutorial helps that person not only where shoes without getting in trouble, but it also helps the cosplayer stay in character without having to compromise the character for the sake of rule breaking. Anyway, I hope this helps out. Steps 1-4 Steps 5-8

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