Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Other Basic Prop Tutorials

Hey guys! For this post here, it's all about basic and helpful tutorials that are just non specific tutorials. For example, instead of saying it's "Kenshin's from Rurouni Kenshin Samurai Sword", it'll be "Basic Samurai Sword"

Now, I know people enjoy the specific prop tutorials, but some characters just have a basic prop that's just needs to be painted a certain design. Nothing special, but it helps alot of just  not relying on "So and so's" sword tutorial or "Such and such's" gun tutorial and just having to tweek it here and there. It's just simple and straight to the point. It also may be cheaper if you're the one who happens to be on a major budget for alot of things.

So without further adew, please enjoy these basic and non specific character prop tutorials.

Basic Sword Tutorial:

Just as the title says. It's nothing more than just a very simple way of creating a basic sword to what you specially need it to look like. Not only that, you don't even have to break the bank too much here. Anyway, pleaese enjoy and I hope this helps^^

Custom Fangs Tutorial:

Hey guys! Here's a great tutorial on how to create your own custom fangs without worrying about if the fangs will fit your mouth or not. Even though it more or less advertises for vampire type of fangs, but all in all, it can be any type of fangs that you need. I'll put it to you this way. I'll be doing Halloween Town Sora from KH2 (Kingdom Hearts 2) this year for Halloween. When it's time to do his fangs, I'll be using this tutorial to create them.

It's a great tutorial for any creature that has fangs. As long as follow the tutoiral correctly, of course with your own personal touches, your fangs are going to be awesome. The fangs you create are going to be way better than cheap retail store!

Let's just say that Halloween got a series upgrade with this tutorial.

Please enjoy and I hope this helps^o^

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