Sunday, September 26, 2010

Naruto Cospaly Tutorials

Hey guys, if there's any more Narutards out there, I'll post up some How-To Tutorial videos for you if you need any type of assistance on your cosplay. If you're planning to do a Gaara cosplay, here's an awsome and somewhat easy video tutorial on how to create Gaara's Gourd. This is not me, this is just here if you're doing a Gaara cosplay or need to make one for someone that is going to do a Gaara. Anyway, please enjoy^^

There will be more vidoes, I promise, but hang tight for a while until I find more^^

Bleach Cosplay Tutorial:

Okay Bleach fanatics, if you're planning to cosplay a Bleach character, this five step tutorial is going to help you BIG TIME!!!!!! I finally found part four, but for some reason, I also saw part five. From what it looks like, it's a five step tutorial and nothing more. This is not me. I don't do Bleach cosplays, but all in all, this will help you in your process of creating a Bleach cosplay. This is what I have for now, but I'll upload more Bleach characters. I won't upload them all, but I will upload some. Alright, I hope this helps a little. Hamaka Part 1 Hamaka Part 2 Hamaka Part 3 Hamaka Part 4 Hakama Part 5

Okay, a interesting turn of event, it turns out that this was a 5 step tutorial. Enjoy.

UPDATE: Thanks to miccostumes, this person shared a link that they have on other Bleach tutorials for future Bleach cosplayers. It has some wig styling, masks, make up, and other Bleach related tutorials that you will enjoy. Give credit to miccostumes for this link. Thanks miccostumes^^

Please enjoy^^