Friday, August 12, 2011

Final Fantasy Cosplay Tutorials

This is where ALL of the Final Fantasy tutorials will be. Whether I created them or I find them from the internet, all of your Final Fantasy needs will be met right here. From your props and accessories to your armor and wigs, it'll all be right here.
I created this FFX-2 Gunner Yuna Belt and Pouch Tutorials so you won't have to worry about a commissioner: Here's the links:
FFX-2 Theif Rikku Cosplay:
This is for all future FFX-2 Thief Rikku cosplayers. All but 1 are by this ashtonXtaylor: skirt accessories top sleeves hair style (if you choose to do your own hair)

This 1 actually is by someone else, but this is for if you choose to use a wig. Give credit to chelsea havoc: wig

Video: Steps 1-3 Steps 4-6 Steps 7-8 Step 9 parts 1-3 Step 9 part 4- Step 10
Photo Slideshow:

Coming Soon! Please be paitent! ^^
Video: Step 1-4 Step 5-7 (2) Step 7 (2)-10

Photo Slideshow:

Gunner Yuna/Paine Gun Tutorial:

Give credit to Kukkii-san from There's a four step tutoiral that works for both Gunner Yuna and Paine guns. Here you go: 1) (Step 2) (Step 3) (Step 4) I hope this helps because I know this did!

My FFX-2 Gunner Yuna Gun Tutorial:

Now, I've provided my own Gunner Yuna from FFX-2 gun tutorial. If you wish to use this instead of the one I gave you, then here's the pattern for the gun. I was going to use the tutorial from Kukkii-san before, but I the modeling clay alone with paper mache worked just as well. Here's the gun pattern if you wish to use my tutorial instead:

I'm going to provide you the video and the photo versions of this same tutorial.

Video: Steps 1-2 Steps 3-5


Coming Soon, so please be patient^^;

FFX Summoner Yuna/ FFX-2 White Mage Yuna Staff Tutorial:

Give credit to Kukkii-san from for this tutorial. This is perfect for all of you soon-to-be FFX Summoner Yunas and FFX-2 White Mage Yunas. This is totally going to help me because I wouldn't know where to start. Anyway, here it is^_^

FFX-2 Lenne/Songstress Yuna Microphone (w/stand-optional):

Hey everyone. Here's the pattern for all of you future Lenne and Songstress Yuna's from FFX-2 out there. This is the pattern that I created so you can create your own replica of the microphone that they use in the game. You don't have to add the stand with Yuna's if you don't want to, but I did with my Songstress Yuna cosplay, just give it a little more edge since she does actually uses the outfit in battle as well. Anyway, here you go:

 Okay guys! Here's the actual tutorial for this. It took awhile, but I think this'll help all future Lenne's/Songstress Yuna's: Part 1 Part 2

Please hang tight! There'll be more to come soon^_^

FFX-2 Gun Mage Yuna Gun Cosplay Tutorial:

Hey guys! Here's another tutorial for you. This is the Gun Mage dressphere's prop, the gun. Not only that, I've also provided the pattern for the gun itself and then the 2 designs that the gun has. Gun Mage Gun Tutorial

Gun Mage Gun Pattern:

Gun Mage Gun Design (ring):

Gun Mage Gun Design (side 1):

Gun Mage Gun Design (side 2):

One design on the ring part and then the design on the white strips of the gun. Just to let you know, the pattern on the white strip of the gun, are the same on each side. The only difference is the other side is reversed. Not to worry, I've got that part covered for you. So all you have to do is just copy it onto your own gun:

Anyway, I hope this helps^^

FFX Auron/FFX-2 Samurai Yuna Sword Tutorial

Hey guys! Sorry it's been awhile since I posted anymore totally awesome tutorials, whether it's my own creations or other people's. So, I got a tutorial that very beneficial to a future FFX Auron cosplayer AND a Samurai Yuna from FFX-2 cosplayer. 

So, say a guy wants to be Auron from FFX, but wants to use a different sword from his typical Kanata. Also, say a    future Yuna from FFX-2 cosplayer is getting ready to do her Samurai dressphere and doesn't know where to begin on how to create the sword.

Well guys! The worries are over because not only am I doing a Samurai Yuna cosplay myself, but I also have this totally awesome tutorial on how to create it. What I'm doing is here is I'm providing you with some necessary template and reference guide when it's time for you to create your sword. Here's the design guideline and spoke template here:

This is the spoke design. What you see on the far left is the blade design of the sword. DO NOT CUT IT OUT!!!!!! It's only a reference guide when you draw out your blade for your sword. 

This is a guideline when it's time to map out the design at the bottom of the blade. The second design on the left is you cut it out and then you use it to trace the design at the top of the bottom part of the sword blade (See a full sword reference picture for better clarification) 

Here's the video tutorials I provided for you as promised. Just so you'll know, it's a 2 part video tutorial and this tutorial is a 12 step tutorial. Make sure you look at both so you can finish properly. I hope this helps and good luck^^ : Steps 1-5 Steps 6-12


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