Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hetalia Axis Powers Tutorials!!!!

Hi everyone! This will be the place for all of your Hetalia Axis Powers cosplay needs if you need help or need a tutorial to go by. It's for patterns, wigs, accessories, and anything that you need for your Hetalia cosplay to come out awsome. If you are looking for somthing in particular, like shoes or weapons, just say so and I'll do my best to post it here. Please enjoy^^

Patterns: Alright future Hetalia Axis Powers cosplayers! This will totally save you a huge headache for your future Hetalia Axis Powers cosplays. Thanks to Chibi Baka Zaru on, they provided a link to where you have pattern tutorials and tutorials for those extremly hard-to-find patterns. Not only that, it also gives pattern ideas, which can save you a lot of stress when creating these cosplays. I know I'm going to enjoy them as much as the next Hetalia cosplayers. Give credit to acostory, also on, for the actual tutorials. Enjoy, I know I will^^

Britain's/England's Eyebrows: Okay, this is a very cool tutorial on how to do Britain's/England's Eyebrows. Come to think of it, I wouldn't know how to do it either O_O. Anyway, give credit to Purplefluffychainsaw on Youtube for the tutorial and video. Here's the Youtube link:

America's Glasses: For those of you that are planning or ARE doing America, here's an awsome tutorial on how to do his glasses. Very cool^^ Give credit to MissInterpretCosplay on Youtube for the tutorial video. Here's the Youtube link:

Purssia's Bird: I had to ask permission from KinuDo on Youtube for this video. Now since that's taken care of, this is a tutorial on how to create Purssia's bird. Give credit to KinuDo on Youtube for the video tutorial. Here's the Youtube link:

Japan's Wig: For those of you who are doing a Japan cosplay, here's my very first video tutorial of me giving you step by step on how to style Japan's hairstyle. Here's the links:

Please understand that this was my very first video tutorial. I've just got through with creating the photo version of this exact same tutorial. The reason for this is just in case if I wasn't clear or someone needed a better demenstration. Here's the link for the photo version:

Britain's/England's Flying Mint Bunny: I finally got around to doing Britain's/England's Flying Mint Bunny. Here's the pattern for him:

Here's the video and photo version of the tutorial.

Video: Steps 1-2 Steps 3-9

Well, I hope this helps you in your Britain/England cosplay^_^


  1. I'm going to be cosplaying as chibi!Canada and I wanted to know if you have any patterns for the dress that chibi!America wears?

  2. I want to cosplay chibi america, but I don't know where to buy/how to make the outfit. Can you look into it?

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  4. Any ideas for cosplaying Hungary? My friend is going to be Prussia and we're going to do a Pruhun thing.

  5. So, I'm getting an America cosplay, and the owner hasn't told me if the plane/bomber symbol is on the sleeve. Any ideas on how I can get something to attach onto it or?

  6. does anyone know how to make or where to buy a good england cosplay,in particular the suit? not nyo or 2p, just regular england. (i can't go to any army surplus stores)