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Helpful Tips About Four-Legged Creature Cosplays

Okay, if you're a Pokemon cosplayer, as in the Pokemon themselves, or if you want to try a four-legged creature, as in Pride Lands Sora from KH2, then listen up! I have a more creative way for your creature cosplays to come out fantastic and professional. Since creating a mascot is more in the expert category of cosplay, I'm going to tell you how to make your four-legged creature cosplays WITHOUT a mascot suit.
ALWAYS USE THE KWIK SEW PATTERNS 3455 AND 2341!!!!! ALWAYS USE VIEW A IN PATTERN 2341 AND PANTS VIEW B IN PATTERN 3455!!!!! These patterns are the main aspect of your four-legged creature cosplay. Now, depending on WHAT you're cosplaying, you may have to get different color fabrics for the front and the back. Here, I will give
out two perfect examples of both types I'm refering to.


The solid color type is basically a four-legged creature that is just one color all the way around. A perfect example of this would be the Pokemon Persian (the one who evolves from Meowth).

Alright, this picture here is a better reference than the second one. See how Persian is only one color? When purchasing the right fabric, all you need is this one color all the way through. So this means, no more color hassals^^

Here, he's a little more yellowish than the previous reference. My strong suggestion is if you see the exact same creature only a different shade of color, get them both and have a strong jugdement because accuracy is key in the cosplay realm. So, for Persian's sake, we'll go with the first picture for the color of his fur.

Now, study the paws and the paw feet that Persian has. As you can see, he has only three toes. YOU MUST GET FUR FOR THIS! (or at least try to^^ If there's no luck for the color or availablity for the fur, then just make sure you have plenty of fabric that you purchased). For creating paws and paw feet, go to:

When you see a hand paw and feet paw tutorial, for Persian's sake, make only three toes and not the full five. So be real clever on your cosplay and get creative while doing so. Since Persian only has three toes on the front and the back, make the glove first. Then separate your pinky finger from the second finger and your index finger from your middle finger. Make your pinky finger an individual toe and put the middle finger and the second finger together to make the middle toe. Lastly, make the index finger a individual toe.

In terms of the feet paws, all you have to do is make three toes. If the creature has claws showing the entire time, then add the claws, it won't hurt it.

Depending if your four-legged creature, some have tails and some doesn't. If your creature DOESN'T have a tail, then don't worry about it. If your creature DOES have a tail, then please listen up! As you should know, there are hundreds and thousands of differnt type tails. In this case, Persian just has a bit of curl tail. No problem. Now, study the length and design of the tail.

Okay, my strong suggestion would be to make it a plush tail, meaning make a pattern of the tail so it can have two sides, sew it, and add stuffing in it!

It's now time for the face aspect.

Looking a Persian's face and head, all he really has is a jewel on his forehead and real 3-D whiskers. Now, for his ears, all I can say is measure the circumfrence of your head (as in the circular motion and not the long ways) and create a sturdy cap, like a swim cap or a wig cap. If you have long hair, then put it up in a pony tail and (if necessary, a bun) make sure that the cap that you created is extremely tight so it will not come loose. Don't make it too tight to where you get actual headaces. Once the cap is created, then study how big, long, and what the shape of his ears are.

As for the whiskers, you have 3 choices:
1. Hand paint them on your face.
2. Create a face mask up to the eyebrows with the whiskers in tact (including his facial features: eyes, nose, mouth, etc.)

3. Create the 3-D whiskers and have some sticky substance, like double stick tape, so can be less painful to put on your cheeks

Now, the multi-colored type is basically a creature that has more than one color. The perfect example would be my most recent cosplay, Pride Lands Sora from KH2

This is the cosplay that I've completed and people LOVED IT^o^ Okay, as you can see, he's a little more detailed than Persian, but don't be scared of it. Now, did you notice what's on top of his head? That's right, he has some sort of a little mane like a lion (well.... technically he is^^) but don't worry, it's not that difficult, but a the same time, it's not easy either.

Here, you look for a dark brown (like earth brown color) and white. The white will be your front because that's his stomach. Make sure that the front neckline of the body suit is white and not brown. Just because you practically don't see it most of the time, doesn't mean that it's not important!

Once the body suit and the stretch pants is completed, then it's time for the paws and the paw feet. Scroll back up for the website and follow those paw and feet paw instructions. The only difference is that you add four toes and not three like Persian. So that gives all four fingers, excluding the thumb, to be independant toes. For the paw feet, all you do here is add four toes and pay close attention to the coloring of the feet because his toes are white and not all the way brown.


It's always good to go the extra mile by adding paw pads underneath the paws and paw feet. This just gives it an extra "umph" to your four-legged creature cosplay. Only do this if the four-legged creature HAS paw pads.

Now, since he has a little mane, my strong suggestion would be purchase a Cheapy-Spike wig (dark brown) from:

Or at least a Tina Turner-like wig (brown or dark brown, depending on the shade presented best), and style it into the human form Sora hair style with a tutorial. Study how big, long, and what shape the ears are and then sew them onto the sides of the wig after you style the wig.

Whatever cut off wig you have left, then make those the little spiked hair part on his tail. In this case, his tail would be a semi-plush tail, meaning it's not fully plush, but has that little plush feel to it.


For all tails, make sure that you handstitch the tail where you want it on the back. (A little above the butt area is perfect). This is so that you won't have to worry about your tail being on straight while trying to have fun at the con.

As for the Kingdom Hearts Crown necklace, that was bought at a con in 2007. Talk about luck on my part^^ If you can, try to find the necklace already made (now, mine has real chains, so it's got some weight to it), then get that first and see how that works. If you can't find one, then be creative in creating the Kingdom Hearts Crown.


Just a fair warning about this particular cosplay. If you wish to do this cosplay, then may God be with you because this was one of the most challenging cosplays I've ever done. Please go all the way by creating (or purchasing a good quality) Kingdom Keyblade. Here, I created mine from scratch because not only was it a challenge, but also cheaper.

Here was the ending result of my Pride Lands Sora Cosplay:

Alright, I hope this helps you on four-legged creature cosplays. Have fun and Good luck to ya^^

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