Monday, March 15, 2010

Cosplay Tutorial: How To Make a Cat Set

Alright, I finally have a tutorial for you to go by. Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a cat set. It's one of those things that you either don't feel like cosplaying or maybe something to throw on quick with regular clothes. Either way, it still works, but it's not really cosplaying. Now, the ear part of the instructions are from Hyuuga15 at The only differnce is that I threw in the headband and the felt fabric. Other than that, give Hyuuga15 the credit for the ear part instructions. I even threw in some visual instructions if by any chance that it's hard to understand the typed instuctons. There will be two types of tails in this tutorial. They will be labeled as Tail 1 and Tail 2. If you are doing Tail 1, then look for "Tail 1" beside a particular instructions and if you're doing Tail 2, then look for "Tail 2" beside a particular instuctions. AND A WAY WE GO! ^o^


Regualr Cuddle Fur OR Faux Bunny Fur (any color)
A thin wired headband OR a clear plastic headband (it doesn't matter, as long as it's very unoticable when you put it on)

Hot Glue Gun
Felt Fabric
For Tail 1: Stuffing

For both tails, Ribbon

Step 1:
Cut out 2 medium size triangles on your fur and 2 small triangles on your felt fabric. Make sure that you cut on the opposite sides of the fur and check to see if the fur is on the inside. Remember to have the exact or similar color thread to match your fabrics. VERY IMPORTANT! (Flashback to "The Most 5 Important Keys to Cosplaying" blog. If you haven't looked at the blog, then please do so).

Step 2:
By now, you should have 2 sets of 2 medium size triangles with each having a front and a back from the fur and a set of 2 single small triangles from the felt fabric. So this means that you should have 4 medium size triangels and 2 small triangles. Make sure that the medium size triangles are NOT separated. After you cut them, immediately pin them so they won't become separated.

Now, with the wrong sides showing, sew the medium size triangles, with the zigzag stitch, leaving the bottom side open. Then after you sew the both sets of medium size triangles, take the opening from the bottom and flip them inside out so the fur will be showing.

Step 3:
Now it's time for the small triangles. Hand stitch 1 small triangle to one medium size set and the other small triangle to the other medium size set. It doesn't matter if you straight stitch or over-the-top stitch, just make sure that it looks half way decent so no one will notice to much.

After they are stitched on, now we can call them "cat ears". YAY! ^o^ Okay, here's the thing, I strongly suggest that you tuck the bottom part of the inside of the ears and sew them. DO NOT SEAL THE OPENING!!!!! Just tuck the edges and sew. This will give it a little more professional look. Now after that, take some hot glue and place them on the top of the headband. Be careful of where you place them on top because once the hot glue dries, it'll stay there and won't move. TADA, you've got cat ears.

Visulal Tutorial:

Step 4:
Take your fur and cut long ways on one of the edges. If the tail is too long, you can always adjust it by cutting it shorter.

Tail 1: This is if you have Regular Cuddle Fur. Take the two edges and put them together with the wrong side showing. Pin the side and sew with the zigzag stitch. Once that is stitched, take some twizzers and pull the fur from the inside and keep pulling until the whole tail is right side out with the fur showing. Be patient with this because this is very tidius.

Skip Step 5.

Step 5:
If you're doing Tail 1, then please go on to Step 6.

Tail 2: This is if you have Faux Bunny Fur. Let the wrong side face you and then fold the fur towards you. Before you sew, tuck the edges of the fabric and sew them first. Make sure that one side is overlapping the other side and sew straight down the middle with the zigzag stitch. This will give you a headache, but again, be patient with it.

Step 6:

Tail 1: Next, with this type of tail, once the whole tail is right side out, make sure that one of the ends of it is closed so the stuffing won't fall out. If it's not, then hand stitch one of the ends in the over-the-top stitch to close it. Do this a couple of times for a secure closing. Afterwards, take the stuffing and stuff it inside the tail. Make sure that it's even all the way down so there won't be any lumps. We don't want lumps in the tail.

Both Tail 1 & 2: Now it's time to close the top of the tail. Before you close the top, make sure that the bottom is stitched closed for a professional look. If it's not, then do so now with the over-the-top stitch and do it a couple of times for a secure closing. Now that the bottom is securly closed, do the same thing with the top. Hand stitch with the over-the-top stitch a couple of times for a secure closing. After you close the top of the tail, take your seam ripper and carefully make a hole and go straight across from the first one and create another hole.

Whether you have the same color ribbon or thread that you used will be fine. Just as long as the ribbon or the thread doesn't take the attention away from your hard work. That is the main focus. Now make a loop through the holes and make a half knot a couple of times. DO NOT MAKE A KNOT ALL THE WAY TO THE TAIL!!!!!! You want to make a loop so you can put your belt through it so you can wear your tail. Just remember to snip off the top a little as needed, but not to where your knot is cut off.

Visual Tutorial

Alright, this should help on creating a cat set.

Agian, the purpose of these really is basically if you don't feel like cosplaying, but still want to blend in, if you don't have a cosplay costume with you and these are a quick fix and just create an original character, or you don't have time or money to create a cosplay, but you have leftover fur and materials and can just wear a kimono and call yourself a Furry.

So anyway, I hope you had fun doing this and I hope this helps>^^<

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