Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Helpful Tips About Advanced Four-Legged Creature and Upright Creature Cosplays!

In this blog, I'm going to show you how to go further in your four-legged cosplays and also show you how these two patterns will make some upright creatures, like Knuckles the Hedgehog, can work wonders for your cosplay! We'll first go into the advanced four-legged creature before the Upright creature cosplays.

Just a friendly warning, you must use these patterns for the creature's main costume or you'll freak out on not knowing how to create a mascot suit with very little to no sewing experience. I'm just helping you out in terms of not panicing. Not only is this going to be fun, but it's also a great way to really improve your skills, so when the time comes to creating the mascot suit, you won't freak out as much. This is only to help you to make your creature cosplays look awsome and also professional if you so choose to enter a cosplay contest at a con^^

If you did not read the first blog about this subject, then I'll give you the patterns. Use the Kwik Sew patterns 2341 (view A) and the pants pattern 3455 (view B). ALWAYS USE THESE PATTERNS FOR YOUR CREATURE COSPLAYS WHETHER IT'S FOUR-LEGGED OR UPRIGHT!!!!!!! Now, the only exception to this would be if you were to cosplay an actual human character like the Aeon Shiva from FFX or Mario from Super Mario Brothers. This is said because they are both human or human-like, so there is no point of using these patterns.



Now, for those of you who haven't read the first blog regarding this subject, a solid type is just basically a creature that is one color all the way around. In this section, it's going to be the same thing, the only difference will be that the creature would have patterns on it. A perfect example would be the Pokemon Umbreon (one of Eevee's evolutions).

Now, look at the reference picture of Umbreon. DON'T PANIC!!!!! He just looks scary to create because of the pattern that he has. Close your eyes, relax, and imagine Umbreon WITHOUT his patterns. Once you pictured Umbreon without his patterns, he's just a solid color type.

Okay, once the leotard and the pants are completed, start studing the paws. For a paw and paw feet tutorial, go to:

This site has an awsome tutorial on paws and paw feet. For more info on how to create the toes, go to the first blog I created on this subject. Now, after the paws and paw feet, start making a solid plush tail. Then create a sturdy cap so it won't come loose. Once the ears have been thourghly studied, create them and sew them onto your cap.

Alright, the main aspects are done, now what we have to do is study the patterns on Umbreon, meaning what shapes are they, what sizes are the shapes, and where to place them. Remember, acceracy is key.


Okay, the solid color types are somewhat easy, but let's try the multi-color types!!! If you decide to try a multi-color type with patterns, YOU MUST PAY ATTENTION THROUGH THE ENTIRE PROCESS OR WILL IT NOT ONLY LOOK AWKWARD AND STRANGE, BUT IT WILL ALSO LOOK UNPROFESSIONAL!!!!!!! The Pokemon Arcanine is a perfect example of what I mean.

Okay, PLEASE DON'T HYPERVINELATE ON ME!!!!! ><; Like we did with the Umbreon picture, just close your eyes, relax, and imagine Arcanine WITHOUT his detailed pattern. Without his patterns, he's just a multi-colored type.

Now, study Arcanine really well for all of his features. Once the leotard and the pants are completed, then we can worry about the ears, paws, paw feet, and tail. With BOTH of these examples, be creative with the construction and see what happens.

We'll worry about the little flowy fur where the feet are later, but right now, the main concern with this example is having accurate pattern designs.


For BOTH examples, before you go to crazy with the patterns, it's always safe to double check with more 360 reference pics and even video and/or video game reference. You don't want to have any sudden mishaps when you think you're on a role of finishing.


For BOTH examples, when you have the pattern pieces ready to be sewn onto the main costume, if your handstitching is really up to par, then pin the pattern design pieces on the main costume and CAREFULLY base them with steady and neat handstitching. Remember to keep this professional as possible!



Now, it's time for the upright creatures, meaning the creatures are walking and running upright like humans. Believe it or not, these Kwik Sew patterns will also work for these types of creatures too^^ Knuckles the Hedgehog is an excellent example.

From looking at Knuckles, you would think that this cosplay can be fixed by a red sweatshirt and red tight jeans with a tail and red dreadlocks, right?

Well... you could do that if you wanted and not have the headache of creating from scratch, but it won't look professional looking and it'll look like that you didn't care. When it comes to cosplay contests, people like the judges, are looking for professionalism in sewing skills and craftsmanship. If you actually tried, then they will give you credit in appearance.

ANYWAY, back on topic! If you're planning on doing a Sonic the Hedgehog group cosplay or just want to do Knuckles here, then go for it! Again, use the patterns 3455 (pants view B) and 2341 (view A).


Here, Knuckles doesn't seem difficult at all! In fact, the only thing you should worry about is if the leotard and stretch pants will fit you. If they fit, then let your creative juices and cleverness fly!


Out from the solid color types and into the multi-colored types. There are some Pokemon that walk and run upright like a human; however, they are still creatures. A great example would be the Pokemon Raichu ( the one that Pikachu evolves into).

I know, you're probably thinking, "what the crap?" right? Actually, yes Raichu because for those extreme dieheart Pokemon fans that remembers the first Season of Pokemon and you saw Lt. Surge's Raichu, it was standing and fighting on two feet.

Now, again, same aspect here, the only difference would be to make the front of the leotard white. Right now, the tail and the ears are not our main concern. The only concern at the moment would be the hands and feet. Study his hands and feet. It's TOTALLY different from the four-legged creatures, huh?

Again, no throw on clothes are allowed in this one either. You could if you wanted something quick and easy with no hassel, but once again, it's not going to look professional. If you're entering in a cosplay contest, people in that category are going to want professionalism in sewing skills and craftsmanship.

Like Knuckles, Raichu doesn't seem difficult at all! In fact, just make sure that the leotard and the stretch pants fits you. If they do, then let the creativity and cleverness fly!

Alrighty then, this should help you ease your mind and hopefully help you for making the Pokemon cosplays and any other creature cosplays more professional looking^^

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