Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cosplay Tutorial: Introduction

Now, as a fellow cosplayer, I'm willing to help out any beginners in the cosplay world. With my tutorials, I'll put up some steps for you to follow and some pictures of the progress as it gets closer to it being finished.

Sometimes, there will be links to other tutorial websites if by any chance that they already exist. Like, if you were looking for a tutorial on making paws or paw feet and there's a very helpful tutorial for you, then I'll put up the link to that site where the tutorial is located. If not anything, it saves you a lot of time of looking up a tutorial for that.

When I have any other cosplay that I'm doing, then I'll do my best to share with you on some of my experiences when dealing with different type of props or costumes of the cosplay. I'll even throw in some tips to help you a little bit.

Alright this should get you excited on creating cosplays. Talk to ya soon!

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