Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cosplay Tutorial: Fursuits, Paws, & Feet

Here is a tutorial for any fursuits, paws, and paw feet! Just to let you know is that I've experienced the paws and the feet. The paws are not really difficult when you follow the instructions. The only thing I can say is if you want to change the length of the gloves, then all you need to do is trace your own hand only go outside your hand to your desired length. As a somewhat experienced cosplayer, I totally recommend this site for fursuits, paws, and paw feet. Here's the link to the paw tutorial of the site:

This link is for the feet paws. I've also experienced creating the feet paws and it's a real challenge if you're not use to it. The only tip I can give you is if you're thinking about make the toes one color and the other part another color, just make sure that you have just enough of both fabrics before continuing. Now, as promised, here's the link to the feet paws.

Okay, now if you're looking for a how-to tutorial on fursuits/mascots, heads, fursuit tails etc., then this site will be the best for you. It's the same site for the paws and feet paws; however, it'll help you on the other part if you choose to do a fursuit. Here's the link to the rest of the fursuit, heads, fursuit tails, etc. site:

There you go! This should help you on your fursuit/mascot cosplays.

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  1. I used that site for feet and legs! It's amazing. I have pics on my account (Cosplay_Rose).